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Become part of the world of gamers, a community of friends

Our goal is to create the most engaging and interactive events for gaming fans possible. We are part of the world of gamers and our mission is to create the best arena and festivals events around the world. 

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Workplace & Culture

We are a family that shares the same passion for gaming, esports!

Why Work With Us?

At DreamHack, we are passionate about gaming, esports, and creating the best arena and festivals events around the world. We are always looking for talented and motivated people to be a part of our team.

  • Community Of Friends

    Within DreamHack you will be part of the world of gamers. We are a big community of friends and share the passion of shaping the future of e-sports.

  • See The World

    DreamHack's events is taking place all over the world. We are always traveling together to set up the coolest arena and festivals events for gaming and e-sports.

  • A Good Work Environment

    Here at DreamHack, a good and safe work environment is an important topic. We are always working to improve and create a good physically, mentally, and socially healthy workplace for all employees.

  • Grow Your Career

    We offer the opportunity for you to grow your career and development within our role and your interests.

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Current Job Openings

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Telefonvägen 30
126 26 Hägersten Directions View page


3441 Rue Workman
H4C 1N6 Montréal Directions View page

Tacoma U.S.

1944 Pacific Ave
98402 Tacoma Directions View page

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  • Alexander Rigbo
  • Anna Nordlander
  • Axel Greve
  • Bob Bruinekool
  • Bonnie Wui
  • Carolina Aspelin
  • Charlie Sirc
  • Christoffer Melin
  • Dagny Veinberg
  • Daniel Hagelin

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